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Thirst happens and water alone isn’t enough. Electrolytes are essential in the hydration equation. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or outdoor enthusiast; sick, pregnant, traveling or just hung-over, you’ll need something to combat dehydration. It’s isotonic, matching the body’s fluids (like an IV) being absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood. Rapid and effective, Vitalyte had no “extra” unnecessary ingredients to slow you down. (It’s great for kids too!)
The result: a formula that hydrates, replenishes, energizes and revitalizes. The perfect balance of vital electrolytes combine to deliver on one promise: hydrate thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. No empty additives, just an electrolyte replacement drink formulated for life- all of it.

THE POWDER: Flavorful Fruit Punch,


Ask how you can wake up to a new kind of comfort! The pillow’s more doctors recommend for outstanding comfort all night long. Clinically proven design helps reduce neck pain and improve the quality of sleep, providing stable cervical support and adapts to changing sleep positions.

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Dr. George Dewey DC
23009 56th Suite B
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043